A Letter From Our Founder

I’m excited to share our exciting new venture for positive change to public discourse in the hope that you will support our Satya Foundation’s providing free, accurate, and trustworthy information that will improve the quality and tone of conversations taking place all across America.

Satya means “truth” in Sanskrit and defines our mission to reduce divisions in our society by improving the quality of public discourse.

I’m sure you appreciate that public discourse is the primary forum everyone uses to express our concerns, our desires, what’s of importance, and what’s expected from our leaders. It is how we develop understanding and find common ground to solve our growing problems. Indeed, public discourse is our ability to communicate within and because of our diversity.

In times like these, open public discourse is even more important so that everyone can safely be heard. That’s why your support of the Satya Foundation today, a 501(c)3 organization, is critical.

I invite you to join us today to accurately reflect the changing moods of our country.

Thank you for being a part of the Satya Foundation’s solution for improving public discourse.

With gratitude,

Carrie West